Marculescu Delivers Keynote at SiPS


October 25, 2012

ECE Professor Radu Marculescu delivered the plenary talk at the IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Systems (SiPS), held earlier this month in Quebec City, Canada. Held annually, SiPS is a major international forum for discussing new technology progress and innovations in the design and implementation of digital signal processing systems.

Marculescu's talk, "Design of Future Integrated Systems: A Cyber-Physical Systems Approach," addressed fundamental issues related to modeling and optimizing power and performance in the next generation of integrated systems while taking a cyber-physical approach. He argued that the focus of the design methodology is not only on establishing a reliable communication infrastructure between the computational elements, but also on including time, communication and feedback-based control as intrinsic components of the programming model. This goal allows researchers to generalize the classical computational paradigm such that more direct interaction between the cyber system and physical world becomes possible. Starting from these overarching ideas, he argued that the complex requirements for high-performance and low-power design, as well as reliable and safe operation of future integrated systems, call for a truly multidisciplinary approach that unites concepts and techniques from real-time computing and signal processing, multiprocessor architecture and OS design, as well as distributed and self-organized control.

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