Mutlu Paper Selected as IEEE Micro Top Pick


July 24, 2012

A paper co-authored by Assistant Professor of ECE Onur Mutlu has been published in a collection of 2012's most significant computer architecture papers chosen by IEEE Micro magazine. The paper was among 12 selected by a committee of 30 experts as having high potential for long-term impact on computer architecture, in terms of either industry products or future research.

The selected paper, "A QoS-Enabled On-Die Interconnect Fabric for Kilo-Node Chips," tackles the problem of designing an energy-efficient and scalable communication substrate for multi-core systems that contains hundreds or thousands of cores. It introduces a heterogeneous on-chip network design that effectively provides service guarantees and predictable performance to applications running on a 1000-core chip while maintaining high energy efficiency, high performance and low chip area cost. The paper — co-authored by Mutlu, Boris Grot (EPFL), Joel Hestness (University of Texas at Austin) and Stephen Keckler (NVIDIA) — originally appeared at the 38th International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), the premier research forum in computer architecture. The original, longer version of the paper, "Kilo-NOC: A Heterogeneous Network-on-Chip Architecture for Scalability and Service Guarantees," can be found here.

Assistant Professor of ECE Onur Mutlu

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