Zhang Named to DARPA Computer Science Study Group


June 7, 2011

Assistant Research Professor Pei Zhang has been selected for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) Computer Science Study Group (CSSG). According to DARPA, the CSSG supports university research in computer science, while informing a new generation of researchers on Department of Defense needs and priorities. The multiyear program consists of a funded educational experience to familiarize participants with DoD practices, and up to four years of funded research to explore and develop technologies that have the potential to transition innovative and revolutionary computer science and technology advances to the government.

Zhang was selected based on his project, "SensorFly: A Controlled-Mobile Aerial Sensor Network for Indoor Scouting." Through it, Zhang aims to develop a swarm of self-deploying sensors for scouting in indoor environments.

For more on the CSSG, see https://cssp.ida.org/. For more on Zhang's work, visit http://sensorfly.sv.cmu.edu/SensorFly/Home.html.

Assistant Research Professor Pei Zhang

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