SAFARI/CALCM Paper Published in IEEE Micro's Top Picks


February 24, 2011

A paper by ECE Ph.D. student Yoongu Kim, computer science Ph.D. student Michael Papamichael, Associate Professor of Computer Science Mor Harchol-Balter and ECE Assistant Professor Onur Mutlu has been selected for IEEE Micro magazine's annual Top Picks issue. The leading IEEE periodical in computer architecture and design annually selects 10-12 "Top Pick" computer architecture papers of the past year based on the publication's novelty and potential for long-term impact.

The group's paper, "Thread Cluster Memory Scheduling: Exploiting Differences in Memory Access Behavior," was one of 11 selected for the 2010 Top Picks issue. It describes a new memory scheduling algorithm that provides both high system performance and high fairness to applications executing concurrently on a chip. The paper originally appeared at the 43rd International Symposium on Microarchitecture and was presented by Kim. The Top Picks version of the paper is here.

Kim is a Ph.D. student in Mutlu's SAFARI research group and Papamichael is a Ph.D. student working with ECE Professor James Hoe. Both are part of the Computer Architecture Laboratory (CALCM). Two other papers from SAFARI were also selected as Top Picks. All three tackle the problem of designing more scalable and efficient multicore systems.

ECE Ph.D. student Yoongu Kim (top) and Assistant Professor of ECE Onur Mutlu (bottom)

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