Ganger Earns Stephen J. Jatras Professorship


February 9, 2011

ECE Professor Gregory R. Ganger has been awarded the Stephen J. Jatras Professorship in Electrical and Computer Engineering for cutting-edge work in computer systems.

"This is wonderful recognition and I am honored to represent the Stephen J. Jatras Professorship and contribute to the continuing research activities at this world-class institution," said Ganger, director of the university's Parallel Data Lab (PDL).

Ganger is internationally recognized for his work in computer systems, such as storage systems, distributed systems and operating systems. Since 2001, he has served as director of the PDL, where he is collaborating with HP labs on a research initiative focused on cloud computing issues through the HP Labs Innovation Program. He has authored more than 130 journal articles, conference papers and technical reports. The IEEE fellow has also received numerous honors and awards for his research contributions, including three HP Labs Innovation Research awards, the ACM Distinguished Engineer Award, and seven best paper awards for several software engineering research publications.

"Greg is an outstanding researcher, educator and academic leader. His work addresses fundamental engineering challenges, and solves important problems even while he builds unique systems and organizations," said ECE Department Head Ed Schlesinger. "He is a wonderful example of the spirit of Carnegie Mellon's culture of collaboration."

For Carnegie Mellon's official press release on Granger's professorship, click here.

Stephen J. Jatras Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering Greg Ganger

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