Faculty Members Deliver Invited Talks at APMRC, APDSC


December 17, 2010

The DSSC is making great strides in developing the data recording technology of tomorrow - and colleagues across the globe have taken notice. This semester alone, faculty members delivered invited and keynote talks about HAMR and actuator technology at the 2010 Asia-Pacific Magnetic Recording Conference (APMRC) and the 2010 Asia-Pacific Data Storage Conference (APDSC).

Begun in 1995, APMRC focuses on the mechanical and manufacturing aspects of hard disk drive technologies. At this year's conference, held Nov. 10-12 in Singapore, DSSC Associate Director James Bain presented the invited talk, "Electrothermal Actuators for HDD Applications," in which he outlined the DSSC's efforts to fabricate a skew compensation actuator and model an electrothermal tracking actuator. In addition to Bain, the research involved graduate students Darrel Wang, Jarno Groenesteijn, Amil El-Ghazaly and David Bromberg; Howard M. Wilkoff Professor of ECE Gary Fedder; and Mechanical Engineering Professor William Messner.

Bain also gave an invited talk on "Coupled Plasmonic Waveguides: Near Field Transducers for Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording." The presentation provided an overview of the DSSC's progress in creating a near-field transducer with a light path compatible with slider fabrication processes that also boasts both high optical path and coupling efficiency.

In addition to Bain's talks at APMRC, Schramm Professor and ECE Department Head Ed Schlesinger gave a keynote talk entitled "Coupled Plasmonic Waveguide: A Near Field Transducer for Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording" at the Asia-Pacific Data Storage Conference, held Oct. 27-29 in Hualien, Taiwan. The conference was sponsored by a host of professional societies from around the world, and covered topics ranging from magnetic recording technologies to cloud computing. Schlesinger's talk provided an overview of the DSSC proposed architecture to deliver light in a nanometer-sized optical spot to a recording medium.

The work Bain and Schlesinger presented is part of the DSSC's HAMR effort - which they lead - that includes contributions by recent alumnus Eric Black, current ECE Ph.D. students Yunchuan Kong, Stephen Powell and Matthew Chabalko; and ECE professors Yi Luo, Mark Kryder, and Dan Stancil.

For more information on APMRC, visit http://apmrc2010.dsi.a-star.edu.sg/. For more on the APDSC, see www.tl.ntu.edu.tw/apdsc2010/.

Professors Jim Bain (top) and Ed Schlesinger (bottom) gave invited talks on DSSC research this semester.

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