Austrian Consulate Visits Pittsburgh Campus


December 14, 2010

Earlier this semester, Assistant Research Professor of ECE Franz Franchetti received an unusual visit when he welcomed a delegation from the Austrian Consulate General to campus. Located in New York, the consulate's jurisdiction covers Pennsylvania and eight other states in the northeastern U.S., plus Bermuda. The delegation stopped to visit Professor Franchetti, who is an Austrian scientist working in Pittsburgh.

Franchetti hosted the group, which comprised Consul General Peter Brezovssky; Stephanie Jakobisch, attaché from the Austrian Consulate General in New York; and Edgar Braun, Pittsburgh's honorary consul of the Republic of Austria. While on campus, the delegation toured campus and met with University Professor Jose Moura and Associate Department Head James Hoe. The representatives discussed the future of computing technology and its impact on society with Ph.D. and undergraduate students, and Franchetti delivered a brief presentation on the history and future of computing technology.

While in Pittsburgh, the delegation visited the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, the Jewish Community Center and the Austrian Cultural Society with Pittsburgh's Honorary Consul of Austria. The delegation's visit to Pittsburgh was part of a larger effort to visit all cities within its jurisdiction. For more on the New York Austrian Consulate General, visit

Professor Franchetti (front, third from left) shown with members of the Austrian Consulate and the CMU students who addressed them.

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