Tonguz Delivers Invited Talk in Germany


November 17, 2010

ECE Professor Ozan Tonguz delivered an invited talk in Germany last month at the prestigious Dagstuhl Seminar, where the world's best-known scientists meet to present and discuss their research. The Dagstuhl Workshop on Vehicular Networks brought together key researchers in the popular area of vehicular networks, which has recently attracted a tremendous amount of attention from car manufacturers and academics. Tonguz's talk, "Vehicular Networks: Principles and Applications," brought leading researchers from both academia and industry together to discuss and evaluate the state of the art for intervehicle communication (IVC). It also highlighted current solutions, areas in need of better alternatives and where those alternatives could be found. Finally, the workshop identified where IVC can contribute to the basic foundations of computer science and how previously unconsidered foundations can contribute to IVC. For more on the workshop, visit

ECE Professor Ozan Tonguz

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