Becker Wins Honors at Silicon Valley's Tech Showcase


October 5, 2010

Second-year ECE Ph.D. student Jonathan Becker and his adviser, Associate Research Professor of ECE Jason Lohn, were part of a team that won the Best Demonstration Award for their poster, "Adaptive Beamforming for Anti-Jamming and Assured Network Communications," at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley's first Tech Showcase. Held in conjunction with the campus' annual alumni barbecue, the showcase allows faculty, researchers and students to present their current research to alumni, friends of the campus and the Silicon Valley community.

In the poster, Becker, Lohn, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley faculty member Patrick Tague and corporate collaborator Derek Linden described a low-cost anti-jamming beamforming array that Becker has been developing. According to Becker, beamforming arrays have been developed in the past as hardware-only solutions, but were mostly geared for the military and cost millions of dollars. His project is a proof of concept that works with wireless computer networks and uses low-cost, commercial, off-the-shelf hardware controlled by adaptive algorithms in software. When the WiFi network is jammed, the software realizes it and attempts to steer nulls (i.e., high losses) in the direction of the jammers and focus the array's radiofrequency energy toward the desired signal.

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Associate Research Professor Jason Lohn (left) and ECE Ph.D. student Jonathan Becker (right) at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley's Tech Showcase. (Photo courtesy of Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley.)

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