DSSC Welcomes Xyratex as Sponsoring Affiliate


August 27, 2010

Xyratex recently joined the Data Storage Systems Center as its newest sponsoring affiliate member. This collaboration with the DSSC will give researchers at Xyratex access to the center's cutting-edge research while providing the DSSC with financial support to continue its innovative efforts in data storage technology.

"The hallmark of the DSSC's relationship with its sponsors is close collaboration. It enables all we do, and is vital to the innovation process. Through it, we keep our research relevant and focused on viable data storage technologies," said DSSC Director and ABB Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Jimmy Zhu. "The relationship we nurture with industry in the DSSC makes us unique among academic research centers, and we could not be successful without it. We welcome Xyratex and look forward to a long and productive relationship with them."

Headquartered in Havant, Hampshire, in the United Kingdom, Xyratex is a leading provider of enterprise class data storage subsystems and network technology. The company designs and manufactures technology that provides its original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and disk drive manufacturer customers with data storage products to support high-performance storage and data communication networks. Xyratex focuses on two specific markets: networked storage solutions and storage infrastructure. For the former, they develop high-capacity, high-speed reliable and flexible data storage subsystems to support a range of communication technologies and performance specifications. In the latter, Xyratex specializes in fully automated disk drive test solutions, servo track writing technology and disk processing solutions for high-volume manufacturing environments.

As a sponsoring affiliate, Xyratex will receive numerous benefits, including advance copies of all DSSC research reports that they can use at their discretion. They will also have access to DSSC graduate students - whom they can discuss research problems with or recruit for temporary or permanent positions - and faculty members, who work closely with affiliates to collectively solve the next generation of information storage problems. Xyratex will also receive a license to DSSC intellectual property, and will be invited to serve on the center's advisory board and attend its semiannual technical reviews. Finally, Xyratex will be able to direct part of its membership fee toward a research project in the center. For the next year, researchers at Xyratex and Carnegie Mellon will work together to investigate solid state drive, heat-assisted magnetic recording and bit patterned media testing.

Xyratex joins 10 other industrial affiliates working with the DSSC to advance the information storage field: Headway Technologies, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, MagIC Technologies, Pioneer, SAE, Samsung, Seagate, Showa Denko, TDK and Western Digital.


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