SensorFly Wins Best Demo at Sensys 09


November 23, 2009

Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley students Aveek Purohit, Zheng Sun, and professor Pei Zhang were awarded the Best Demo prize at the 7th annual ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys) in Berkeley, California. The Carnegie Mellon team demonstrated "SensorFly -- A Controlled-Mobile Aerial Sensor Network".

The SensorFly demo was chosen out of over 30 other select demos from universities across the globe. Votes came from the organizing committee and the overall conference attendees. The demonstration lasted two hours, as Zhang, Purohit and Sun presented to the capabilities of SensorFly.

Check out the full story and videos of SensorFly.

From L to R: Professor Pei Zhang, and graduate students Aveek Purohit and Zheng Sun

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