ECE Team Captures the Flag in International Competition


October 16, 2009

A team of students from CMU won the 8th Annual HUST Creative and Fun Capture the Flag competition earlier this month. Sponsored by the University Security Team at Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea, the competition lasted 48 hours with over 150 teams from around the world competing.

Advised by ECE assistant professor David Brumley, participating members of the CMU team which was formed this semester were: Brian Pak (Undergrad, CS), Sang Kil Cha (MS, ECE), Jiyong Jang (PhD, ECE), Andrew Wesie (Undergrad, CS), Jong Hyup Lee (Postdoc, CyLab), Ed Shwartz (PhD, ECE).

Capture the Flag competitions teams must use their knowledge of computer science, computer engineering, and computer security to solve security challenges. Typical challenges include finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in programs, breaking encrypted messages, and developing novel algorithms. "In a sentence," said Brumley, "they are like electronic war games."

Several few weeks ago the team entered HackJam, an international CTF competition with hundreds of teams and came away with third place. "I believe our success at CTF competitions shows how strong our program and students are in security, ECE, and CS," said Brumley.

ECE Assistant Professor David Brumley


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