Alumnus Voronenko wins Kauffman Entrepreneur Fellowship


September 9, 2009

ECE alumnus Yevgen Voronenko (Ph.D. 2008) has been selected as a Kauffman Postdoctoral Entrepreneur Fellow. Voronenko is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Spiral Group, an interdisciplinary of researchers in the areas of signal processing, algorithms, scientific computing, compilers, computer architecture, and mathematics.

Voronenko's research contributions include the complete automation of the development of performance libraries for certain critical signal processing functions in the context of Spiral. He won a best dissertation award for this work last year.

The Kauffman Fellowship selects "leading scientific postdoctoral researchers" whose work has "enormous potential to benefit society" with the goal of helping them to "commercialize their scientific discoveries." Only thirteen were selected nationwide. Besides salary, the fellowship provides industry training and a personal business mentor.

Preparation for the Kauffman Fellowship application was done with the help of CMU's Olympus effort led by CS professor Lenore Blum.

Headshot of Yevgen Voronenko

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