Keeping an 'i' on the 'Burgh


August 19, 2009

So we all know that government often lags behind in its use of technology. But thanks to Professors Priya Narasimhan and Rajeev Gandhi, Pittsburgh has become the first city in the U.S. to have it's own iPhone app. And it's FREE, compliments of the same folks who bring you YinzCam- team members Justin Beaver, Jeremy Kanter, Dan Burrows and Karl Fu, helped to develop and release the new iBurgh app.

See a car-eating pothole? Clogged storm drain? Offensive graffiti? iBurgh lets users communicate directly with the city's non-emergency complaint system to report the problem. Just take a photo and the location is geotagged and sent directly to the city's server.

The application is part of efforts announced last month by city Councilman William Peduto and the City Information Systems Department to make Pittsburgh a leader in "e-democracy." It is hoped that apps like iBurgh will make it easier for citizens to interact with government, and vice versa.

Right now, iBurgh is only available for use on iPhones. Updates to iBurgh could include streaming and searchable video of government meetings, and automatic updates on city initiatives close to where phone users live.

Read more about iBurgh in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Apple blog, and even

Thanks to Professor Priya Narasimhan, Pittsburgh has become the first city in the U.S. to have it’s own iPhone app.

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