Bay Area Alumni Gathering A Success


August 19, 2009

On Saturday, July 25, 2009 over 270 ECE and SCS alumni, joined by student interns and several faculty and staff, gathered for the annual summer networking picnic in the San Francisco Bay Area. This year's event was held on the beachfront lawn at Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay. Everyone agreed the location and the weather were ideal. Under sunny skies and within earshot of the pounding surf, participants enjoyed hours of good chowder and good conversation. Alumni reunited with classmates, while interns and recent graduates made new friends and contacts. Seasoned alums, like George Royer (E '48 BS/MS/PhD), regaled the recent alumni with stories of their interesting lives and memories of campus activities.

Dr. Royer had spent the earlier part of the day at the Hornet Museum in Alameda celebrating the 40th anniversary of the aircraft carrier's part in picking up the first moon walking astronauts. In his spare time, Dr. Royer is a Tech Museum of Innovation volunteer in San Jose. On July 25, he offered children a chance to shoot a test tube rocket towards the ceiling of the hanger deck. He points out that the contents were only Alka Seltzer and water, stoppered so the pressure builds and the tube flies off the cork.

Faculty supporting the event from the Silicon Valley campus included: ECE Assistant Professor, Pei Zhang, associated with the CyLab Mobility Research Center; Distinguished Research Fellow, Steve Ray; and, Visiting Professor, Ted Selker.

When the ECE/SCS gathering concluded, recent alumni from the Classes of 2006-2009, returned to their inland homes and then met again for dinner in Mt. View. Boris Lipchin (E '09), recently employed by Space X, drove up from Los Angeles for these events. His descriptions of the new student initiative build_18 as well as his summer travels in Europe were enjoyed. Jessica Liao, the upcoming Eta Kappa Nu president, was able to compare notes with past president, Samir Shah (E '06 BS/MS), in preparation for 2009-10 campus activities. Avid sports fan, Jonathan Lee (E '06 BS/MS), amused everyone by recalling that his life was made complete after his tweet about Albert Einstein appeared on ESPN and was actually discussed for a few minutes. It was easy to conclude that the "network" that had started in Hamerschlag Hall was up and running on the west coast.

Other ECE and SCS 2009 summer alumni events included:

  • Austin, TX: A brunch at the Hyatt, also attended by faculty and alumni at the ISCA conference;

  •   Boston, MA:  A picnic on the Harbor Terrace of the New England Aquarium, with free passes to visit the aquarium exhibits;
  •   Seattle, WA:  A networking luncheon in the Boeing Lobby of the Pacific Science Center.  

The ECE and SCS summer alumni events are planned and directed by ECE Director of Alumni & Student Relations, Susan Farrington, and SCS Director of Alumni Relations, Tina Carr.

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