ECE Alum Faces Reality in "The Colony"


July 22, 2009

ECE alumnus and IBM Fellow John Cohn (E '91) is among the cast of characters in the new Discovery Channel reality show The Colony which premiered Tuesday, July 21. The show is about volunteers from all walks of life who participate in a controlled experiment to see what it would take to survive and rebuild in the wake of a global catastrophe.

Cohn was in Los Angeles with the cast of the show for the premiere. "We just came back from watching the premiere of The Colony...and I loved it. I wasn't sure I would!" said Cohn in his blog post last night. Cohn's shower in the rain during the first episode might just have been the highlight of the show.

Read about Cohn and his educational outreach efforts to kids on the university's website.

The cast of The Colony in L.A. before the premiere. Alumnus John Cohn is in the pink shirt.


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