Stancil Co-authors New Book


May 19, 2009

ECE Professor Daniel Stancil and ECE alumnus Anil Prabhakar are the authors of a new book published last month by Springer. Spin Waves, Theory and Applications covers topics foundational to understanding spin waves such as the physics of magnetism and electromagnetic waves in anisotropic media, as well as both classical and quantum mechanical treatments of spin wave excitations.

The authors discuss many applications including microwave delay lines, spin wave-optical devices, and microwave oscillations induced by spin transfer torques in multilayer structures. The material provides explanations and developments of concepts that assist students and researchers interested in beginning work on topics related to magnetic excitations.

Prabhaker is a former graduate student of Stancil's who is currently on the faculty in the ECE Department at the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India.

Spin Waves: Theory and Applications, coauthored by Profesors Dan Stancil and Anil Prabhaker

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