ECE Junior Authors First Place Paper at STEM Conference


May 4, 2009

ECE junior Samarth Bhargava won first place for his paper at the 2009 Innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Symposium hosted by Morgan State University in April.

Bhargava's paper, which resulted from his undergraduate project, is titled "An ultrasonic motor utilizing axial-torsional vibration actuated by orthogonally poled single-layer piezoelectric actuators."

Piezoelectric motors are used for precision positioning (for example, in cameras) and have also been studied for potential application in micromotors. Bhargava investigated a variation of a piezoelectric motor design recently reported in the technical literature. Under the direction of Professor David Greve, he fabricated several motors and characterized these motors mechanically and electrically.

Bhargava received a medal and a cash prize for his win. The work is expected to form part of a paper that will be submitted to the 2009 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium to be held in Rome in September.

Headshot of Samarth Bhargava

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