ECE Grad Student Wins Three External Scholarships


May 4, 2009

First year ECE grad student Joel Harley has received all three of the fellowships for which he applied: a National Defense Science and Engineering (NDSEG) Graduate Fellowship, a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, and a Department of Homeland Security Fellowship. Because he can only hold one external fellowship concurrently, Harley is in the enviable position of having to determine how he can best take advantage of his successful applications.

Harley, whose research advisor is Professor Jose´ Moura, is conducting research in signal processing for developing reliable and inexpensive monitoring systems for critical infrastructures.

He is currently working in an interdisciplinary group of students and faculty from the ECE and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering to develop sensors for the detection of leaks and defects in natural gas pipelines.

Headshot of Joel Harley

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