Priya Narasimhan Wins 2009 Carnegie Science Center Award


February 2, 2009

ECE assistant Professor Priya Narasimhan is the winner of the 2009 Emerging Female Scientist Award announced this week by the Carnegie Science Center of Pittsburgh. She was recognized as a leader and innovator in developing embedded and mobile technologies.

Narasimhan and her team of 15 students have developed what they call a smart football.

The project was featured recently in an NPR interview, an article in Wired magazine, and in a Pittsburgh Post Gazette video. By installing a mini GPS unit and accelerometer inside the ball, they can plot the football's progress and landing, even under a pile of players. They've also developed a "smart glove" embedded with 15 sensors in the fingers and palm, which can help determine if a receiver has control of the ball during critical plays.

Narasimhan is the co-director of the Mobility Research Center, which involves students and faculty from both Carnegie Mellon's Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley campuses. The center will develop underlying technologies that will ensure the privacy, security and reliability of sensitive and valuable information.

Headshot of Priya Narasimhan

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