Tonguz Paper Ranked in the Top 10 Most Accessed Articles in IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine


October 23, 2008

A Carnegie Mellon-General Motors paper by ECE Professor Ozan Tonguz and his Ph.D. student Hsin-Mu (Michael) Tsai published in the IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine in December 2007 has made the Top 10 Articles list in the magazine's most accessed documents for the month of April 2008. The paper, titled "Zigbee-based intra-car wireless sensor networks: a case study," is co-authored by GM researchers Cem Saraydar, Tim Talty, and Andrew Macdonald. It reports the results of a comprehensive experimental study on the use of ZigBee technology for building an intra-car wireless sensor network.

As the number of sensors used in contemporary cars are rapidly increasing, there is a growing interest in replacing the wires used to connect these sensors to the CAN network with wireless technology. It is anticipated that the success of this research effort could lead to:

  1. An open network architecture for placing more sensors in future cars;
  2. Better fuel efficiency because of the reduction in weight of cars;
  3. A possible reduction in the overall cost of cars.

Professor Ozan Tonguz and Ph.D. student Michael Tsai

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