ECE and ABB Team Up on Smart Electric Power Grids


October 23, 2008

During a recent campus visit by several of their technical executives, ABB signed a research agreement with Carnegie Mellon ECE/EPP Professor Marija Ilic to support its efforts in modern energy systems.

At the signing were ABB, Inc.'s Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Peter Terwiesch, Vice President and Head of U.S. Corporate Research Center Dr. Le Tang, and Global Power Technology Lab Manager Dr. Willi Paul. Professor Ilic will lead the effort in ECE on Nonlinear FACTS and HVDC Light Control for Meshed AC Electric Power Grids.

This research concerns the use of power, specifically, electronically switched advanced direct power flows in large electric power grids, essential for stabilizing system response during major equipment failures.

ABB is a leading manufacturer of technologies known as Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) and HVDC light technologies, which form the core of future smart electric power grids. The Carnegie Mellon-ABB effort is targeted to designing advanced control embedded within these technologies for better utilization of the overall energy resources, even when the conditions deviate significantly from nominal.

Carnegie Mellon is one of very few United States universities selected by the ABB for targeted collaboration. During this visit, Dr. Terwiesch also gave a Distinguished Lecture entitled, "An Industrial Perspective on Power and Automation Technology Progress and Frontiers."

Dr. Le Tang (ABB) and Professor Marija Ilic (ECE) sign a research agreement. Attending the signing are Dr. Willi Paul (ABB), Dr. Peter Terwiesch (ABB), and Department Head Ed Schlesinger (ECE).

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