Franchetti Awarded 2007 Culture Prize in Science


March 3, 2008

Dr. Franz Franchetti, ECE Systems Scientist, is one of five recipients of the City of Wiener Neustadt's 2007 Culture Prize, given this year in the area of science. The winners were officially announced on February 21, 2008. Dr. Franchetti will receive his prize from the Mayor of Wiener Neustadt in April.

Wiener Neustadt's Culture Prize is awarded annually, usually in the field of arts but not for science. This year's submissions were judged by a five-member panel on the basis of scientific excellence and connection to Wiener Neustadt. Dr. Franchetti, who grew up in Wiener Neustadt, is one of two co-winners in the young scientist category.

Wiener Neustadt's history dates back to its founding in 1194 by the Babenberger Duke Leopold V. Once the residence of the Habsburg emperor Frederick III, the city now is a regional cultural and economic center.

Dr. Franchetti remarked of being selected for the award, "My connection to my hometown is important to me, and I am honored by their recognition."

Dr. Franz Franchetti, recipient of the City of Wiener Neustadt's 2007 Culture Prize.

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