ECE Students Win Grants for Undergraduate Research

 Several Projects Awarded Funding

November 28, 2007

Several ECE student projects won Small Undergraduate Research Grants (SURG) from Carnegie Mellon's Undergraduate Research Office (URO) for Spring 2008. Individual students may qualify for grants of up to $500, while groups may receive up to $1,000. Many of the projects feature interdisciplinary teams of students.

The following projects have been named as winners; listed are the student researchers from each team who are either current ECE students or engineering freshmen who plan to declare a major in ECE:

Project Students Advisor
Assistive Automotive Intelligence Technology Ilya Kelner and Ethan Minogue George Kantor
A Study and Application of the Magnetic Field of Leaky Solenoids Benjamin Morse Gregg Franklin
Cooperative Manipulation in a Robot Colony Austin Buchan, James Kong, Christopher Mar, Justin Scheiner, Gregory Tress, and Kevin Woo George Kantor
Gesture Recognition Platform for Deaf Users Bhargav Bhat and Hemant Sikaria Priya Narasimhan
Optimization Algorithms for Hull Design Chunkit Yu Susan Finger
RobOrchestra III Justin Scheiner Roger Dannenberg
Segmentation of Biomedical Data Manuel Gonzalez-Rivero and Sarah Hsieh Jelena Kovacevic
Trinetran: An Assistive Technology for the Blind Keetaek Hong and Hemant Sikaria Priya Narasimhan

In addition, ECE student James Forbes is working with a team of students through the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Club on a robotic window washer. The students plan to enter the project against other universities from across the country in the 2008 ASME Student Design Competition. Their advisor is John Wesner, Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

ECE student Brian Goldfain is also contributing to a project on the importance of rigorous implementation of experimental procedures in developmental research, mentored by Assistant Professor of Psychology Anna Fisher.

The SURG program awards grants and fellowships to undergraduates at Carnegie Mellon for research in all fields of study. The winners will participate in a seminar series, including discussions of ethics in research, and will present their projects at the campus-wide "Meeting of the Minds" undergraduate research symposium May 7 at Carnegie Mellon's University Center.

The next competition deadline is March 17 for students interested in grants or fellowships for the summer and fall. For more information, visit the URO website.

Seven ECE student projects won Small Undergraduate Research Fellowships/Grants from Carnegie Mellon's Undergraduate Research Office.

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