ECE Announces New Graduate Student Fellowship

 Endowed in Honor of Alumnus William J. Happel

October 8, 2007

ECE announces the newly endowed William J. Happel Fellowship, supported by the Lindmor Foundation in honor of Lindsay Reimers' father and Arthur Reimers' father-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Reimers are trustees of the Lindmor Foundation. The fellowship will be granted for the first time during the 2008-09 academic year. Applicants should be ECE graduate students; preference will be given to Carnegie Mellon graduates who are continuing their studies at the university. This gift will initially be awarded to a single student who will be selected by the ECE Department Head or his designee.

William James Happel (M.S. 1947; B.S. 1943) was the president and primary owner of Power Control Corporation in Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that he was "a pioneering electrical engineer who worked with solid state circuits and silicon in an era when televisions still used tubes to carry their signals." He held six patents and his company 20 more, many of which applied to electric motor protection for the mining and oil industries, including a "voltage minimizer" for large oil rigs in Texas.

Happel served during World War II in the Philippines, where he directed a radar installation in which crews used the newly developed technology to track incoming and outgoing air traffic during the height of the battle for the Pacific, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Before setting up the Power Control Corporation, his career took him to General Electric, Gulf Oil, and Westinghouse, as a researcher in their semiconductor division.

For information on the William J. Happel Fellowship, contact Susan Farrington, ECE Director of Alumni and Student Relations.

Source: Obituary: William James Happel by Dennis B. Roddy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 19, 2007

William Happel is shown in his 1943 Carnegie Mellon *Thistle* yearbook picture. ECE announces a new graduate fellowship in his name.

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