DSSC Hosts MORIS Workshop

 Schlesinger Chairs Conference

September 12, 2007

Carnegie Mellon's Data Storage Systems Center (DSSC) will host the 11th MagnetoOptic Recording International Symposium (MORIS) September 24-26. The conference will focus on heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) and all topics related to thermo-magnetics and magneto-optics, from basic theory and physics through applications, including materials, components, measurements, system design, simulations, devices, and high-density recording. The choice of Carnegie Mellon as the venue for this meeting is an indication of the reputation of the research conducted in various aspects of information storage at the DSSC.

ECE Department Head T.E. (Ed) Schlesinger will chair the workshop, with Professor James Bain, Associate Director of the DSSC, as the steering committee chair and ABB Professor Jimmy Zhu, who directs the DSSC, as a program co-chair.

MORIS started 20 years ago when magneto-optic (MO) recording was commercially available. Although MO recording is no longer marketed, the workshop evolved into a forum on HAMR and other thermo-magnetic and thermo-optic phenomena, with which it shares a number of technological features.

Attendance at the workshop includes over 120 researchers, with over 20 invited papers over three days. The event is held every other year and is typically held in Japan. Professor James Bain was awarded one of three best poster awards at the last symposium in Tomiura, Japan.

MORIS 2007 is sponsored by The Magnetics Society of Japan.

ECE Department Head T.E. (Ed) Schlesinger is chair of the MagnetoOptic Recording International Symposium (MORIS).

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