Carnegie Mellon Hosts House Republican Policy Committee Roundtable Discussion on Future Energy Costs

 Khosla a Panelist in Roundtable

September 10, 2007

Last week, Carnegie Mellon University hosted a roundtable discussion with energy experts and Rep. Mike Turzia, R-Bradford Woods, in the Singleton Room of Roberts Engineering Hall. Pradeep Khosla, dean of Carnegie Mellon's College of Engineering and Phillip and Marsha Dowd Professor of ECE and Robotics, was a member of the roundtable.

The public forum addressed a variety of issues, from the environmental impact of using fossil fuels and renewable alternatives to new incentives for power generation statewide. Already, neighboring states like Ohio are proposing re-regulation of electricity. And scorching temperatures across California have forced the state to ask consumers to limit use of their appliances, the first step preceding rolling blackouts that cut power to certain regions to avoid a system-wide crash.

Other roundtable members included Andrew Gellman, head of the Chemical Engineering Department; Lester Lave, professor of engineering and public policy; Dave Dzombak, professor of civil and environmental engineering and faculty director of the Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education and Research (SEER); Deborah Lange, executive director of SEER; Tom Feeley, technology manager of environmental and water resources, coal, and power research at the Department of Energy's National Energy Technology Lab; Dick Winschel, director of research services at CONSOL Energy; Steve Rhodes, president of the Pennsylvania Oil and Natural Gas Association; Richard Hudson, regulatory affairs market manager for Strategic Energy; and Cindy Datig, executive director of the Dollar Energy Fund.

Source: Chriss Swaney/CIT Media Relations

Pradeep Khosla was a member of a roundtable discussion on future energy costs.

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