ECE Alumni Return for Homecoming


October 16, 2006

Many generations of ECE alumni returned to Carnegie Mellon for homecoming weekend, October 12-15, to participate in a variety of activities sponsored by the department, College of Engineering, and the university. On Friday afternoon, ECE Department Head T.E. (Ed) Schlesinger welcomed ECE alumni to campus, offering an update on the department's activities.

College of Engineering alumni were then invited to a reception with remarks by Pradeep Khosla, Engineering Dean, and John Thomas, a MechE graduate student. The entranceway to the event featured booths for every engineering department, including an ECE display, organized by Susan Farrington, Director of Alumni and Student Relations. This year's homecoming student volunteers were undergraduates Lauren Chikofsky and Sonali Kapoor.

Later in the evening, Frederick Dill (S'54, S'56, E'58) won a distinguished achievement award at the university's alumni awards ceremony. According to alumni relations, this accolade recognizes sustained, distinguished accomplishment and contribution to any field of human endeavor that brings the highest honor to the awardee and to Carnegie Mellon.

While on campus, Dill led a special technical seminar for graduate students, "Patterning at Nanoscale," and delivered a distinguished alumni lecture on careers in high tech. A distinguished engineer at Hitachi, Dill leads the research and development (R&D) of microdevices for data storage and retrieval. He holds more than 30 technology patents, developed the semiconductor laser that became the basis for CD players, and was also the lead inventor of video RAM.

"You go to college to learn, and what I have learned has enabled me to survive in the competitive world of R&D," Dill said, adding that many of his engineering classmates have also achieved success in their careers, becoming leaders in their companies, members of the national academy of engineering, and award winners.

During Saturday morning's ECE alumni breakfast, faculty and staff joined alumni, who came to converse with their colleagues and friends, hear the latest ECE news, and provide updates on their own careers. Afterward, our alumni joined other graduates on campus, celebrating homecoming with cultural events as well as lectures, including the annual president's address by Jared Cohen, Carnegie Mellon President.

At the ECE alumni breakfast, from left to right: Eric Cheek, North Carolina A&T State U.; Frank Stein, IBM; Sri Rajan, SAP Labs, LLC; T.E. (Ed) Schlesinger, ECE Department Head; and David Casasent, Westinghouse Professor.

From left to right: Carnegie Mellon alumnus Frederick Dill (S'54, S'56, E'58) speaks with ECE Department Head T.E. (Ed) Schlesinger and Angel Jordan, Emeritus Keithley University Professor.

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