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 Department Hosts Recruiter's Networking Breakfast

September 25, 2006

The ECE Department's annual recruiters networking breakfast, planned in conjunction with the university's technical opportunities conference (TOC) on September 19, kicked off a busy week of job searching for many ECE students. At the breakfast, over 120 company representatives discussed career opportunities with ECE student leaders, Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) members, and integrated master's/bachelor's (IMB) and professional master's students.

"It is by all accounts a banner year for employment opportunities, both internship and full time," said Susan Farrington, Director of Alumni and Student Relations for ECE.

Prior to the conference, many ECE students attended career preparation seminars sponsored by the Carnegie Mellon Career Center, and during the week they were invited to numerous industry information sessions. Some employers provided mock interviews and assisted with resume writing to help students with their job search.

The University Recruiting Representative from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) spoke after a Society of Women Engineers (SWE) meeting, joined by the Women in ECE (WinECE) and Women in Computer Science (Women@SCS). The representative from AMD discussed resume preparation, skill sets that managers seek, and AMD's openings.

Carnegie Mellon's student chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) hosted a technical talk by and a professional development lecture on tips for getting ahead in a large company, delivered by Richard Metz, Director CNO Systems, Boeing Corporation.

The breakfast event, talks, and workshops were scheduled around the TOC, a career fair that that links engineering, computer science, information systems, and other students with technical career goals to companies with high-tech opportunities. Held annually, the fair draws over 1,000 students and is sponsored by the university and the student chapter of SWE. This year, approximately 175 companies participated.

TOC Breakfast Photo Gallery

At the ECE recruiter’s networking breakfast: from right to left, graduate student and IEEE officer “Chippy” Mai-Anh Cam Duong speaks with Associate Department Head Bruce Krogh and alumnus Prameet Shah (B.S. 2006), who now works for AMD in Austin.

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