Data Storage Systems Center Hosts Conference Featuring New Technology


August 8, 2006

This week, more than 200 scientists are participating in the 2006 Magnetic Recording Conference sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University's Data Storage Systems Center (DSSC).

The conference is designed to highlight new technologies in data storage. In addition to an exchange of research information, attendees will hear lectures on the latest technology for a new generation of hard disk drives.

During the last three decades, the DSSC has helped industry design nanometer-scale technology that will ultimately lead to very fast, low-cost, compact information storage devices.

The center, under the direction of Electrical and Computer Engineering professors Jimmy Zhu and Jim Bain, works closely with industry partners to define projects to help the $60 billion information storage market continue to grow and expand. The DSSC has also supplied the data storage industry with hundreds of well-trained graduate students in the field of magnetic and optical recording technology.

View photos from the poster session.

Source: Chriss Swaney, Carnegie Mellon News

Researchers review a project on percolated perpendicular media by DSSC Director Jimmy Zhu and his graduate student, Yuhui Tang.

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