ECE Alumnus & Winner of Intel Achievement Award Promoted

 Krishnamurthy Promoted to Principal Research Engineer

June 12, 2006

ECE alumnus Ram Krishnamurthy (Ph.D. 1998) was promoted last year to Principal Research Engineer at Intel Corporation's Corporate Technology Group in Hillsboro, OR. As a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon, Krishnamurthy was advised by Rick Carley, ST Microelectronics Professor of ECE, as part of a Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) supported research contract. His thesis title was "Mixed Swing Techniques for Low Energy/Operation Datapath Circuits."

Krishnamurthy joined Intel in 1998 and presently heads the high-performance and low-voltage circuits research group. Since 1999, he has also been an adjunct faculty member of the ECE Department at Oregon State University, where he teaches very large scale integration (VLSI) system design. Holding 53 issued patents, Krishnamurthy has published over 75 papers on high-performance and low-power/low-voltage circuit design. He received seven Intel Division Recognition Awards from 1998-2006, the 2002 Outstanding Industry Mentor Award from the SRC, the Intel Award for the most patents filed in 2001 and the most patents issued in 2003, and an Enterprise Group Recognition Award in 2002 for leading the design of industry's first 10 GHz 32-bit integer execution arithmetic logic unit (ALU).

In 2004, Krishnamurthy and his team won an Intel Achievement Award, the company's highest honor for personal or team accomplishments, for their research on novel high-performance execution core arithmetic circuit technologies. Krishnamurthy is a senior member of the IEEE and recently served as the technical program chair/general chair for the 2005/2006 IEEE International System-on-Chip (SoC) Conference.

ECE alumnus Ram Krishnamurthy was promoted to Principal Research Engineer at Intel Corporation's Corporate Technology Group. He is the winner of an Intel Achievement Award.


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