Tonguz Edits Special Issue of the *Journal of Mobile Multimedia*

 "Advanced Mobile Technologies for Healthcare Applications"

March 20, 2006

ECE Professor Ozan Tonguz was one of three guest editors of the special issue of the Journal of Mobile Multimedia, "Advanced Mobile Technologies for Healthcare Applications." Published in January, this edition focuses on a new paradigm of affordable patient-centric healthcare via the use of advanced wireless communications and mobile computing technologies. The main topics of the publication are mobile telemedicine applications, wireless multimedia systems for healthcare or disaster management, multimedia delivery over 2.5G/3G/4G networks, wearable sensors, and security issues in mobile telemedicine systems.

With the staggering cost of healthcare in the U.S., it is anticipated that patient-centric healthcare could have a major impact on improving the life of millions of patients suffering from chronic diseases (such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, cancer, and balance disorders) by making healthcare more affordable and accessible. Rapid advances in mobile and networking technologies in recent years have opened new opportunities for innovative means of healthcare delivery using emerging wireless technologies.

New mobile and networking technologies such as 3G/4G cellular networks and the new generation of wireless local area networks (WLAN) and ad hoc networks have extended medical information coverage. These technologies will have the potential to support mobile devices such as new personal digital assistants (PDAs) and cell phones dedicated to new mobile healthcare applications, providing improved convenience and versatility to both healthcare providers and patients.

ECE Professor Ozan Tonguz was one of three guest editors of the special issue of the *Journal of Mobile Multimedia,* “Advanced Mobile Technologies for Healthcare Applications.”

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