ECE Paper Among 100 Most Popular in IEEE


October 24, 2005

ECE Professor Ozan Tonguz, one of his Ph.D. students, Evsen Yanmaz, and Sudhir Dixit, a Nokia fellow, published a paper entitled, "On the Design of Self-Organized Cellular Wireless Networks" in the July 2005 issue of IEEE Communications Magazine. According to the main IEEE publications database, IEEE Xplore, it was among the top 100 most accessed IEEE documents this August.

The top 100 documents encompass all disciplines in electrical and computer engineering and computer science, including automatic control, signal processing, computer aided design, solid state circuits, power systems, pattern recognition, machine learning, algorithms, security, networking, propagation, and electromagnetics.

The paper explores if and how small-world and scale-free network models can be applied to cellular networks, which typically do not exhibit self-organizing or scalability properties. In particular, the work provides algorithms which facilitate the design of robust, reliable, scalable, and efficiently utilized wireless networks via self-organizing mechanisms. This research was funded through a grant provided by Nokia Research.

ECE Professor Ozan Tonguz, left, and his advisee, Evsen Yanmaz, a Ph.D. student.

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