Setti's Robotic Water Strider Featured in *Fortune Magazine*


March 14, 2005

A tiny six-legged robotic water strider developed by Metin Setti, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Robotics and ECE, is one of the many robotic innovations from Carnegie Mellon University that was featured in Fortune Magazine.

According to Sherry Stokes, editor of the Carnegie Mellon Engineering News, Sitti's robot resembles and moves like a water-skimming insect. "Potential uses for this miniature robotit weighs less than a gramare many, especially in environmental and defense work," reported Stokes. "[Sitti] believes that swarms of solar-powered robots could be cheaply made and used to clean up oil spills or monitor water supplies."

"University researchers are developing industrial robots thatrequire significant ability to make independent decisions," said writer Stuart F. Brown in Fortune Magazine. " They include inspecting an underground pipeline as natural gas flows through it (Explorer), navigating rugged desert terrain without a driver (Sandstorm and Highlander) and even walking on water while testing for pollutants. For a glimpse at what's coming in mobile robotics, Fortune visited a place that's always hopping with wild ideas: the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh."

Photograph by Larry Rippel.

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