Falsafi Wins 2004 IBM Faculty Award


August 11, 2004

Babak Falsafi, Associate Professor of ECE and CS, won a 2004 IBM Faculty Award to fund research on the dynamic thermal management of future desktop and server microprocessors. Falsafi is collaborating with Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and ECE Mehdi Asheghi on the project, "Chiller: A Dynamic Feedback-Based Framework for Thermal Management of Server Processors," to explore novel microarchitectures that allow for automatic and timely detection and circumvention of on-chip hot spots.

"With the continued advances in semiconductor fabrication and the resulting increase in microprocessor design size, complexity, and density, heat dissipation has become a first-class design constraint," Falsafi explains. "Conventional designs make worst-case assumptions and render systems that can tolerate maximum operating heat levels. Such approaches, however, lead to unnecessary high chip cooling and packaging costs."

Headshot of Babak Falsafi

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