Stern Quoted on PC Voice Interfaces in Wired Magazine


July 1, 2004

Richard Stern, Professor of ECE, Biomedical Engineering, and CS, was quoted in the View section (p. 95) of this month's issue of "Wired Magazine" for his answer to the question: "When will we really be able to talk to our PCs?"

Stern said, "We're still not even close to having a voice interface that will let you throw away your keyboard and mouse. Voice input is not an end in itself - it's one more piece of an infrastructure of headphones, speaker, mouse, keyboard, and screen working in tandem. In five years or less, we should expect every regular OS to include speech and also start seeing it as the primary modality on cell phones and PDAs."

Also quoted are ECE alumni Michael Phillips (B.S. ECE, 1982), CTO of ScanSoft and David Nahamoo, Manager of Human Language Technologies, IBM Research.

Headshot of Richard Stern

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