Creating Carnival Magic: Behind the Scenes with Divya Jesuraj


April 23, 2004

Thousands of students, alumni, faculty, staff, children and parents visited Carnegie Mellon "To Be a Kid Again" during our annual spring carnival, April 15-17.

The ECE students on the committee who brought this year's childhood festival to life were junior Divya Jesuraj (Assistant Chair and Treasurer), graduate student Fred Merkle (Midway Co-Chair), sophomore Chris Marshall (AB Tech Co-Chair), and senior Matt Theisz (Telecom Chair). They planned an eclectic schedule which mixed familiar campus traditions — the Kiltie Band, buggy races, booths, and Scotch 'N Soda theater — with today's music, games, and fireworks. Meet one of the key players from the committee:

Divya Jesuraj

Assistant Chair and Treasurer

Best part of carnival:

Funnel Cakes! And the booths — I loved Sig Ep Street, but everything else was cute too.

Hours devoted to the fun:

About 4-5 hours a week. Plus ALL of carnival 4/9 — 4/18.


Westford, MA

Favorite professors:

ECE Professors David Greve and Ed Schlesinger — "They made me realize my potential this semester as a Hardware Design Engineer. They provided laughs and guidance and insight and among all this [carnival] work it was great having something else that took up more time."

In the classroom:

Teaching assistant (TA) for 21-120, Differential and Integral Calculus


Carnegie Mellon University Presidential Scholar

Other activities:

Summer jobs:

I was a summer engineering intern at Unveil Technologies — a startup company in MA. This upcoming summer I am going to work at MITRE Corp.

Favorite TV show:

Friends... I watch them constantly — hey I am watching one right now. :)

On Carnegie Mellon:

"Carnegie Mellon University is a place to grow. The people you meet, the things you do, the education you acquire will make an impression on you for life."

Divya Jesuraj

Carnival committee 2004