ECE Thanks Professors Neuman & Schlesinger for Service


January 27, 2004

ECE Professors Charles Neuman and Ed Schlesinger were presented with awards yesterday evening in appreciation for their service to the Department as Undergraduate Academic Advisor and Associate Department Head, respectively. Professor Neumans plaque was inscribed, for guiding ECE students on their pathway to success and Professor Schlesingers read, for helping to make ECE a world-class department.

Taking over as Director of DSSC at the end of this academic year, Professor Schlesinger will replace Robert White, University Professor of ECE and EPP, who will become Emeritus Professor. Professor Bruce Krogh is ECEs new Associate Department Head. The Undergraduate Advisor position will become a shared responsibility among all ECE faculty.

"Dr. Neuman was the first professor I met at ECE and Ed and I were junior faculty together. Their work has made ECE a world-class department and I would like to thank them for all of their great contributions," said Pradeep Khosla, ECE Department Head; Philip and Marsha Dowd Professor of ECE and Robotics; Director of CyLab.

Coming to ECE first as an undergraduate student and later returning as faculty, Professor Neuman has been a member of the ECE community for over 45 years.

I have watched our Department grow and develop in a multitude of dimensions, Professor Neuman noted, explaining that he has seen ECEs educational and research agenda expand along with our facilities. The student interaction has been a rewarding aspect of my career here; being the Undergraduate Advisor made it happen.

As ECEs sole Undergraduate Academic Advisor from 1994-2003, Professor Neuman provided a comprehensive advising package for all ECE undergraduates and Integrated Masters/Bachelor (IMB) students, including course advising and career and graduate school guidance. He implemented the co-op program and championed the Academic Audit system now in use throughout the university. Through the years our students and returning alumni have recognized him for his astounding memory, both of them and of the curriculum.

Professor Schlesinger, Associate Department Head from 1996-2003, guided the Department through its first accreditation under the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) in 2000 and later led the development of a web based Educational Assessment Tool. Reorganizing the Undergraduate Office as the number of students, faculty and courses increased, he structured it to reflect the greater size and complexity of the program. Additionally, Professor Schlesinger implemented a teaching assistant plan that increased the number of involved students from around 15 to over 70 per semester.

"ECE is a remarkable organization with outstanding students, staff, and faculty. The most significant aspect of being Associate Department Head for me was the opportunity to get to know the breadth and depth of the ECE Department in a way that I would not have had otherwise," said Professor Schlesinger, who is also Founding Director of the CMU-GM Collaborative Laboratory.

Under the guidance of Professors Neuman and Schlesinger, all of ECE's course and degree information has been transferred to the web, making the ECE Internet site the official source for all of the Departments academic policies. Both professors will continue with their teaching and research; Professor Neumans interests are in control engineering and robotics, while Professor Schlesinger studies III-V semiconductors, optoelectronics, and nuclear detectors.

ECE Department Head Pradeep Khosla awards ECE Professors Charles Neuman and Ed Schlesinger for their service.

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