ECE Experts Available to Speak on Primary Issues


December 18, 2003

As the 2004 primary and general elections draw near, the Department of Media Relations published a list of faculty that are available to speak to the media as experts on national and international issues.

The ECE faculty on the list and their areas of expertise include:


Pradeep Khosla, head of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and co-director of the university's CyLab can discuss cybersecurity.


Granger Morgan, head of the Department of Engineering and Public Policy can discuss energy, global warming, risk analysis and the proper role of Congressional oversight.


Marvin Sirbu, professor of engineering and public policy, can discuss telecommunications.

For information on any of these experts, contact Chriss Swaney at 412-268-5776 or For a complete list of Carnegie Mellon University faculty available to speak as experts, please call the Department of Media Relations at 412-268-2900.