Koopmans 25th Patent Earned With Hendrey, ECE Alumnus


November 11, 2003

Associate Professor of ECE and CS Philip Koopman (P.h.D. ECE, 1989), his former student Geoff Hendrey (M.S. ECE, 1999), and Hirohisa Tanaka were awarded a patent for their method and system for analyzing advertisements delivered to a mobile unit. Hendrey is the first-named inventor for U.S. Patent #6,647,269, which is owned by Telcontar, a location-aware services business for in-vehicle, Internet, and wireless platforms.

This is Koopmans 25th patent. A total of five patents resulted from the collaboration between Hendrey, Koopman, and Tanaka, with Joseph King also contributing to the initial three. The other patents are for selectively connecting mobile users based on physical proximity, connecting proximately located mobile users based on compatible attributes, automatically initiating a telecommunications connection based on distance, and connecting mobile users based on degree of separation.

Phil Koopman (left) and Geoff Hendrey at commencement (1999).

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