CyLab Launches New Site


October 22, 2003

Advances in computer technology unfortunately come along with security vulnerabilities that can harm everyone from the home computer user to small businesses, large corporations and anyone dependent on the nation's telecommunications and financial systems. To counter that threat, Carnegie Mellon University has launched a security initiative designed to protect all computer users from interference by cyber terrorists and hackers.

CyLab is a university-wide effort that builds on more than two decades of Carnegie Mellon's leadership in Information Technology and its culture of pursuing projects that cut across discipline, college, and departmental boundaries. CyLab integrates Carnegie Mellon's Center for Computer and Communications Security (C3S), Sustainable Computing Consortium (SCC), and Information Networking Institute (INI), and works closely with the CERT® Coordination Center (CERT/CC) and US-CERT.

Visit the CyLab site.