Khosla Cites Need for Industry in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


May 11, 2003

Because of secrecy and the ever-shifting priorities of U.S. military spending, the true contribution of southwestern Pennsylvania to the post 9/11 military spending boom is indistinct... Many are trying to position the region as a center of military technology, cyber-security and electro-optics, touting the work done by Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute, Armstrong County's Electro Optics Center and the non-profit Concurrent Technologies Corp. in Johnstown, where U.S. Rep. John Murtha has directed hundreds of millions in defense dollars over the years...

The real money, admitted Carnegie Mellon cyber-security expert Pradeep Khosla, is in the making of missiles, electronic equipment and military software. Research -- this region's purported military strength -- is still a much smaller part of the defense budget.

"What we need is industry," Khosla said. Khosla is the Director, Center for Computer and Communications Security; Head, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Information Networking Institute; and the Philip and Marsha Dowd Professor, College of Engineering and School of Computer Science.

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