State Schools Unite for Security Institute


April 22, 2003

Excerpted from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article:

Pennsylvania's four major research universities have agreed to join forces to convince the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to locate a university-based research institute in the state. The department has not yet asked for proposals for such an institute, and its new undersecretary for science and technology, Charles McQueary, hasn't been in his post even two weeks yet, but the four universities -- Pennsylvania, Penn State, Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon -- will present to McQueary Monday at a Homeland Security summit in University Park.

CMU's expertise in robotics and information technology, complements Penn State's work in sensor and wireless technology, while Pitt and Penn are both leading biomedical research centers. Recently, Penn State, Penn and CMU agreed to jointly apply to host the Army's $37 million Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies.