Top Minds at Carnegie Mellon Discuss Computer Surveillance and the War on Terrorism


February 24, 2003

Carnegie Mellon's Institute for the Study of Information Technology & Society (InSITeS) hosted an evening panel titled "Computer Surveillance and the War on Terrorism: Promoting National Security or a Return to McCarthyism?" on Tuesday, February 25 from 7 to 9 p.m. Speakers included our own Pradeep Khosla, Director, Center for Computer and Communications Security; Head, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Information Networking Institute; Philip and Marsha Dowd Professor, College of Engineering and School of Computer Science. The other panelists were Carnegie Mellon's Latanya Sweeney (Computer Science, Institute for Software Research International, and Laboratory for International Data Privacy), Peter Madsen (Center for Advancement of Applied Ethics), David Farber (visiting Computer Science and Heinz School) and Peter Shane (InSITeS and Heinz School).

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