Intel Research Pittsburgh Developing Robot Technology


February 24, 2003

Intel has opened small labs near four universities [Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley, Cambridge, and Seattle] and is working with students and professors on research on a variety of technologies, including embedding its chips into increasingly smaller devices and substances. The world's largest semiconductor maker opened its doors Thursday to members of the media to show off some of those projects. In one technology demonstration, a small, purse-sized robot programmed to follow items that are red, chased a red teddy bear around the floor. Intel is working with researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh on a common hardware and software platform for robotics so companies don't have to start from scratch when designing future robots, said Jim Butler, an architecture director at Intel Research. At the far end of the room, in a mock household, Intel researchers demonstrated technology that could be used to monitor Alzheimer's patients or assist the elderly.