ECE Ph.D. Student Stanley-Marbell Authors Book: Inferno Programming with Limbo


January 1, 2003

ECE Ph.D. student Phillip Stanley-Marbell's book, Inferno Programming with Limbo, will be published in March of 2003 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. reports his advisor, Diana Marculescu, Assistant Professor of ECE. He wrote the text while he was a MS student at Rutgers State University and an intern at Lucent's Bell Labs.

"Inferno Programming with Limbo is the first complete developer's guide to programming for the Inferno operating system. Developed at Lucent's Bell Labs, Inferno enables cross-platform, portable, distributed application development that is well suited for networked applications on resource constrained, embedded systems. Limbo is its programming language," accounted the John Wiley & Sons web site.

Stanley-Marbell maintains the Inferno/Limbo FAQ, has been an Inferno user since its original release, and worked on two commercial products that used Inferno, according to the site.