Carnegie Mellon Receives $8 Million From GM to Continue Developing New Smart Car Technologies


January 31, 2003

CMU will receive $8 million over the next five years from General Motors to continue smart car research that will revolutionize the way vehicles and drivers interact. This research aims to make the vehicle of the future more aware of driver needs and preferences, road and weather conditions, and other external information available over the Internet. The vehicle will then automatically modify its own behavior, accordingly.

One of the many projects under way in the General Motors Collaboration Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon is a "gesture interface," the ability to point or wave to control a car's electronic system.

"The gesture interface, being developed on a specially outfitted Pontiac mini-van, is just one example of how we are changing the relationship between cars and drivers," said Ed Schlesinger, Professor and Associate Head of ECE; Co-Director, General Motors Collaborative Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon.

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