High School Scholars Tour ECE; Learn What Engineers Do


December 4, 2002

When Brother Ernest Miller read the Pittsburgh Post Gazette's car and driver features on the General Motors Collaborative Research Laboratory (GM CRL) at Carnegie Mellon last month, he wanted his students at Central Catholic High School to have a front-seat view of the interdisciplinary research. So, he set the wheels in motion for thirty of the sophomores he directs in the David S. Baginski FSC Scholars Program to tour the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, visiting a GM Pontiac minivan equipped with gesture-controlled electronic systems, the Advanced Multimedia Processing (AMP) lab, a classroom in Scaife, and the spin stand lab in the Data Storage Systems Center (DSSC).

"They came to learn about engineering in general and to find out about the activities of the GM CRL and the DSSC in particular. Jim [Bain] and I used the activities within those organizations as examples of what engineers do, how they work on interdisciplinary projects, etc.," said Ed Schlesinger, Professor and Associate Head of ECE; Co-Director, GM CRL at CMU. Schlesinger and Bain, Associate Professor of ECE, led the tours, which also included a talk on car information systems, demonstrations of face recognition (including the Face-cam), 3D object recognition, and virtual meeting space (pictured with ECE Graduate Student Howard Leung at the computer), the Cleanroom, and the Shielded Rooms (with a radio interference demonstration).


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