International Probe Storage Workshop (IPSW) Held at CMU


November 11, 2002

The second International Probe Storage Workshop (IPSW) will be held November 7-8 at CMU, sponsored by the Information Storage Industry Consortium (INSIC), and CMU's Center for Highly Integrated Information Processing and Storage Systems (CHIPS), Data Storage Systems Center (DSSC), MEMS Lab, and Parallel Data Lab (PDL). Providing a forum to access and promote awareness of probe storage research, the agenda will include discussions on read/write mechanisms, architectural approaches and addressing schemes, applications and system requirements, and metrology/test instrumentation needs.

With invited presentations, discussion/brainstorming sessions and small-group working sessions, the conference hinges on the growing interest in probe storage, both academically and industrially. Designing probe storage devices with high capacity, low power consumption, fast access, small form factors and low entry-level box costs is an attractive possibility for mobile, miniaturized or embedded data storage applications.

Their technical committee includes Arthur Davidson, Senior Systems Scientist, ECE; Executive Director of CHIPS and James Bain, Associate Professor of ECE, as well as Professors Leon Abelmann from Twente University and Paul Frank at the INSIC. The program is already fully booked with registrants.

Source: INSIC and CHIPS.


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