CMU Announces New Integrated Engineering Program Culminating in an MBA


November 20, 2002

Carnegie Mellon will offer a new integrated engineering and business program culminating in a bachelor's degree in engineering from one of five engineering majors from the Carnegie Institute of Technology and a master of business administration (MBA) degree from the Graduate School of Industrial Administration. The five-year program, the only one of its kind among the top-ranked engineering programs nationwide, is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2003, and will admit up to 20 students. Students will take their normal engineering schedule through six semesters, with the remaining four semesters of MBA courses and engineering courses. Three internships in engineering complement the curriculum's depth.

"We foresee these students becoming leaders in technology, planning and investment management," said John L. Anderson, head of Carnegie Mellon's College of Engineering. "This new integrated, double-degree program relies on the excellence of our faculty in both our business and engineering programs."

Rich Lunak, president of McKesson Automation, said this new program is an excellent idea. "I lead several technology companies, and I know that it is essential for today's successful engineer to have a general understanding of business and management," said Lunak, a 1987 alum of the university's Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. His Pittsburgh-based company manufactures and markets inpatient medication management systems that help hospitals re-engineer use of medications in a more cost-effective way.